Compact Model Parameter Extraction

Designing electrical circuits with a given semiconductor technology requires compact models that describe the terminal characteristics of the devices as a function of bias, temperature and device geometry. Therefore, one needs to extract the technology-specific model parameters from measured device characteristics.

Our parameter extraction services are conducted using world-leading in-house parameter extraction software. Our services include, amongst others:

  • Extraction of compact model parameters from measurement data.
  • Integration of compact model parameters into netlists and PDKs.
  • Verification of modeling results.

We currently offer the following compact models for SiGe and InP HBT technologies:

  • HICUM/L2
  • HICUM/L0
  • SGP

These models can also be made fully geometry scalable.

We are striving to increase the number of models offered. If you are interested in modeling HEMTs, diodes, MOS transistors, or other semiconductor devices, feel free to get in contact, and we will find a solution.

Device Characterization Service

For device characterization, our services comprise DC measurements,  small-signal measurements from 9 kHz to 67 GHz, and non-linear measurements from 0.8 GHz to 50 GHz. We have access to the following lab equipment:

  • several vector network analyzers (e.g. Rohde&Schwarz ZNB 8, Keysight PNA-L)
  • source measure units equipped with medium-power and high-power channels (e.g. HP4142B)
  • load-pull and source-pull measurements with passive Maury µW impedance tuners in the frequency range 0.8–8 GHz as well as 8-50 GHz
  • measurements over a wide temperature range, including cryogenic temperatures

Large-signal stress tests for quantifying the ruggedness as well as long-term robustness of transistors can be performed upon request.

Layout and Test Structure Design

For both process analysis and physics-based compact modeling, one requires an extensive set of test structures. We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Selection of suitable test structures for your technology.
  • Design of test-structure layouts in your technology.
  • Providing custom layout generator scripts for generating GDSII layouts.

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